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l'art de vivre sans personne qui t'aime

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  • Unseen University - Ankh-Morpork, England - Wiltshire, United Kingdom (1976 present)

I don't know what to write on a bio, as I'm not very good at self-promotion, I guess... I'm lost in outer space mostly, but quite harmless.

I'm pretty friendly/non-threatening. I try to reserve judgement until I know people. I don't like anger. I don't like pretension. I DO like talking to people who have a sense of humor, preferably the dry sarcastic kind.

Oh yes, and I'm a hopeless europhile.... but as of yet, I've never been to Europe. Go figure. *edit* : I've now visited the EU and I'm still a hopeless europhile.

Me in a nutshell: socially awkward, tomboy, cynic, bookish, not-very-girly, cat lover (hopefully not destined to be the crazy cat lady, but sometimes I wonder), emotional, opinionated, dorkish and nerdy.

You'll either like me or you won't... but you can figure that out all by yourself, now can't you?

I'm thinking lately that less is more.

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